Blog Assignment #2



The ever evolving rock band Radiohead recently released a music video for the song "I Promise", an unreleased track off of their 1997 album OK Computer.

It's very surprising for a band to release music video for a 20 year old throwaway track. Radiohead is somewhat known for their elaborate and intricate music videos with deeper meanings that what is seen on the surface. Their disjointed narratives and emphasis on flashy interesting visuals and the lack of disctiction between real and imagined all fit into the ideas of postmodernism. Therefore the fact that they decided to make a video for this track means it should be important.  

The video starts off with a tracking shot of street lamps passing by as it dissolves into another tracking shot of a bus passing bye. Through the large glass windows on the bus  we see two men one whose face is covered partially in shadow and the head of a man who seems to be laying down on the seat. The rest of the video is seen through the perspective of the man lying down, cutting to various different shots of things he is seeing through the bus window. We see several shots of other people in the busses passing by, as well as shots of people outside on the street doing different mundane actions. The video stick with this formula back and forth showing the mans reactions until it is eventually revealed that the man is just a robotic head resting on the seat observing the world around him. 

The soundtrack to the video is sung by lead singer Thom Yorke and is a short slow paced somber song with minimal lyrics.  

Thom is repeatedly promising things to someone whom he seems to have hurt previously and is trying to make amends by promising to be by their side from here out. When you pair the expressive visuals with the music and some knowledge of the artist you get a video full of interesting subtext. The song seems to be an ode to his late ex-wife who passed away in 2015 due to cancer. That has a probably a deeper and different meaning being released now 20 years after it was made.

 I believe the overarching theme of the video to be a journey of Thom Yorke seen through the eyes of this android. We follow him around looking out of the window on bus as if he's almost daydreaming or looking back on his life. We see a young woman in another bus as he gazes at her and smiles, this could be the beginning of the relationship with his ex wife.  

During the middle there is a tracking shot of a fire going on in the middle of an alley with graffiti on the wall written in polish that translates to "I miss you", pointed out by a few reddit users. This could be Thom reflecting on their divorce or mourning her death.

The last thing we see through his eyes is a middle-aged woman wiping away tears as she struggles to look at the man, as the android looks on in sorrow and shortly after is revealed to be an android.I feel as though the  this symbolizes his empty, almost robotic promises that he would never actually fulfill. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 4.10.59 AM.png

The video is also filled with small intertextual references to the bands previous works and ideas.   The android head is a reference to the song and video  "paranoid android" off the Ok computer album. Another instance is when a man outside on the street seems to be staring at lit window full of "fake plastic trees" which also happens to be the name of one the songs off the 1995 album Bends. A few youtube commenters also pointed out that Thom Yorke possibly makes an appearance in the middle of the video as his character in the daydreaming video. (See reference section) The Daydreaming video was shot by Oscar winning director Paul Thomas Anderson and features a lot of postmodern subtext throughout the video. There's even an interesting 'close analysis' video dissecting the work as we are.


This video could be analyzed over and over finding new subtext every time, while searching for different meaning, fitting right along with the post modernist idea.


Remix Assignment #1


Preface: A brief History Of No-one from Nowhere

Growing up as an African American male in the United States most of my identity pre-determined by societal views. As young child my mother was determined to not let me be bound by other views of me and to create my own path and identity. Which led to the me feeling as if I was apart of  not one culture or singular identity but adopting many different identities and remixing it to my liking. I've always felt as if I was from nowhere hence the name of this blog and the way I sort of "brand" myself as "mylesfromnowhere"

The internet is a liberating place for a kid from nowhere

The internet is a liberating place for a kid from "nowhere". It is a vast oasis of media where you  can really be anyone and research anything and find things that fit directly to your liking. With the invention of apps like Tumblr you can literally build an identity of yourself through pictures and videos. It was rather difficult for me to narrow down one singular image and video to represent my identity. After hours of searching and mostly procrastinating , I chose to highlight the part of my identity which is most prevalent in my life currently.

The Young Black Filmmaker

For the video portion I chose the short fashion film "Music is my Mistress" by Khalil Joseph for KENZO SS17. Khalil Joseph is most notably known for his work on Beyonce's Lemonade short film. 

"Music is my Mistress" is a non-linear artful journey that takes you to a familiar yet unfamiliar place.  I feel as though I identify with this piece in so many different ways. The first  being that it was made by a black director featuring an all black cast. One of my favorite parts of the short is the opening credits where an MPAA ratings screen warns the film of being rated 'R' for, "strong language and overt blackness throughout". He sets the film up right at the start by declaring his identity and not apologizing for it. Something I recently learned to accept and be proud of. Khalil pays homage to certain African themes and culture through the visuals embracing the roots of a culture we share.

The title of the film paints the picture of music being a mistress not only to the characters in the film but I believe is a commentary on the director himself. Most of the films he makes are either centered around an artist and their music or feature music prominently. In my eyes the film is an ode to a huge part of his identity that helps shape the art he chooses to create. The film features music from his good friend Shabazz Palaces as well as Kelsey Lu. Like Joseph music is a huge part of my life and my identity I too also find most of my inspiration for the films I make from music. Another highlight in the film is a scene when one of the characters asks another whom their favorite filmmaker is, to which he replies the brilliant jazz artist Miles Davis whom I was also named after.  This little moment just resonates with me so much its hard to even explain. To Khalil, Miles Davis' music paints vivid pictures in his mind great enough to classify him as filmmaker. 

The way he uses text and the way the visuals clash and contrast each other align with the way I make films as well.  

For the image I couldn't simply choose one picture that I felt I identify with. So I put together a collage of images that I feel express parts of my identity to create one large image.